A Woman’s Secret Obsession

        Why is it always alright for men to do certain things, but it is shameful and degrading for women to do the exact same thing?  Whether it be getting a tattoo, being promiscuous, or watching porn it almost seems natural for a man to do all these things, but no so much for a woman.  After scrolling through the blogs I found one that discussed an article about how the presence of women watching porn has increased steadily, but seem hidden due to the fact that they are secretive about their enjoyments.

            When you see a tattoo on a young woman they are almost automatically perceived as a whore or slut.  There is even a name for the tattoo that a female gets on her lower back: the tramp stamp.  Even if these tattoos are not inked onto provocative parts of the body they are still somewhat less respected as a person.  If a man has a tattoo everyone thinks they are masculine and it is the focal point of a conversation usually serving as the ice breaker.  The same thing goes for sleeping around.  A man is depicted as a “player” or “the man” while a women is again thought of as a “skank” or slut.  If a man can sleep around it should just be as acceptable for a woman to do the same thing.  If one feels that a woman is disrespecting her body by sleeping around then I guess that goes the same for a man.  Whether society wants to admit it or not men and women are not social equals in the present day.  There are still fine lines, hidden fine lines, which separate the equality of men and women.  It may not be inequality in the laws, but in the social world there are differences.

            As for women and pornography I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It is almost comparable to masturbation and women.  We all know that women masturbate, but only about 1% (guessing) of them actually admit to it.  Men cannot be that much hornier than women are that women never masturbate.  Sexuality is natural in men and women and I do not believe that men have more sex drive then women.  Men and women do have different times for their sexual peaks, but that does not mean that women do not masturbate when they are not at their peak.  Of course men are the front runners for viewing the most porn, but some of that audience is attributed to women.  If women did not watch porn then there would be no male strip clubs or PlayGirl.  

            I am not going to reiterate what was said in the blog involving the statistics of women viewing porn.  What I wanted to state was that the reason for why women are not more open about these kinds of issues is the fear of societal rejection or discrimination.  I know if I was a woman I would not want everyone and their mother knowing that I sleep with every Tom, Joe, and Larry.  Since I am a guy, who cares who knows that I sleep around.  Most adults or elders just turn a blind eye to that fact when it comes to males.  They either just brush it off or laugh it off.  Females my age would no doubt be portrayed in a different light if they stated they were obsessed with porn just as much as males are.  They would be perceived as always horny, kinky, and eccentric.  Women should be able to watch whatever they want and participate in any activity they want without having to play hush hush.  Women should feel liberated to be able to watch pornography and should not hide it for it was not that long ago that they had many restrictions in our society.


4 Responses to “A Woman’s Secret Obsession”

  1. nylus Says:

    hear hear! we’re obviously in the dawn of women sexual liberation. perhaps more people with the same mentality would speak out and some day women wouldn’t be branded as sluts or cheap or dirty for watching sex and enjoying sex. though i think women like reading about sex more than watching them – after all, romance novels are a billion dollar industry but it’s not all boy-meets-girl innocence, isn’t it? ;P

  2. Robert Says:

    I think your assessment is a little mistaken. It’s NOT okay for men to view porn and get tattoos and be promiscuous. These activities may be glorified in certain circles, but so is dwarf tossing. Step out of those circles and no, it’s absolutely not okay for men OR women to do those things.

  3. Alex Says:

    Dont forget there are 2 sides to every coin. I am a guy….and its always me who has to make the first move on a girl (and thats not much fun!) Its very rare that a girl will approach me, its a social inequality. Just like the ones which dicates I have to pay when we go to the movies on a date and the one that dicates that I should pick her up and drive. I’m sure there are more. I agree with parts of your article but the point about the player/slut….I think that because guys go out to get ‘laid’ and as i mention above, they have to make the first move, it is like a hunt in a way, a natural instinct perhaps and when they achieve success in their hunt they get credit for it. The female, however, is being hunted and if she succomes to the predator it is seen as a weakness. I’m not saying I think this is how it should be, I don’t, but i’m just suggesting a reason for it.

  4. Eve Says:

    My Names Eve
    face it males like studing the female body sexually. And most of the girls i no love getting attention from the guys most of my friends go for the bad boys its just something about them. In the real world when we see something we like we most likely go after it. Personally i like it when the guy make the first move, because i could decide if i want it or not or i could just turn him down. Am a teaser i like having guys want something they cant have it makes me feel good. I completely agree with the article, and having them not be successful with there hurt makes me feel good they have failed there mission i love sex but at the same time i could control myself and i absosultly like that about myself. I feel that both sex should be equal. EMAIL me if you have any comments about my respond at coolchick0455@yahoo.com

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